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Congratulations! Your Custom Homebuilding Journey begins with the Pre-Construction phase. By now, you’ve chosen your custom builder and wrapped up what was hopefully an enjoyable and creatively-fulfilling architectural design process with your architect. Next comes the real fun part.

Your Pre-Construction Phase will be filled with progress if you have partnered up with an organized and proactive custom builder. Some of this you will be able to see, while others are going to be done behind closed doors. Your builder will have many things to do during this period. You will need to custom home builder get HOA approvals, city permits, utility orders, solve potential constructability problems, guidance and selections, builders risk insurance to quote, project schedule to be built, budget to refine with each selection, subcontractor agreements and line out key trades. It is important to have a list of things to do. If you are looking for lending, you’ll need to complete the first phase of your selections.

Your homebuilding experience will be much more smooth if your builder is efficient in this phase. These five tips will help you make the most of your Custom Homes Pre-Construction Phase.

This tip really relates to builder accountability, truth be told. Your builder should have effective internal processes to ensure that each phase of the project is successful. There is a good chance they have established a timeline and set deadlines for the team’s pre-construction actions. You should establish expectations now that your builder has established internal processes. This can be done by asking for a pre-construction timetable.

A pre-construction timeline is just one of the 60 items on our Pre Construction Checklist. We use this checklist for all of our projects. This pre-construction timeline will have TARGET deadlines and not hard deadlines. This step is crucial because the builder organizes their team and assigns responsibilities to ensure that your home gets to its starting point efficiently and effectively.

It is important to make as many choices upfront in order to ensure that your home construction goes smoothly. Before you start digging, your custom builder should be able give you a complete list of the selections that they require. Your builder should be able to give you a clear plan of action that will make the selection process easier and less overwhelming.

Asking an interior designer to help you make your selections is a great way to make it easier and more enjoyable. You should have interviewed several interior designers before you choose the one who will best help you realize your dream home. Ask your custom builder to refer you and help you quickly find the right fit. You can read our previous blog post to learn more about choosing the right interior design company for you.

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