AeroPress Coffee Maker Review

The AeroPress coffee developer promises to be “an completely new approach to make coffee”, and it’s! I have never made coffee in a computer this way previously. You are able to compare it to the French media because both coffee making models use the “total immersion method” but that’s exactly where the similarity stops.

I began the task one morning as well as to be aeropress coffee maker, I was rather skeptical about its survivability and practicality in the home of mine as I’m a large coffee drinker (4+ pots of coffee a day). I needed to ensure that It will withstand the frequent use of mine and in turn would not be a burden to generate cup after cup. So I set it to the test.

I followed the instructions for use:

Take out the cap and also the plunger from the chamber.Apply a filter in the cap and twist it upon the chamber.Stand the chamber on a robust mug. (I utilized a tall, wide mouth ceramic mug).

Set the 2 AeroPress Scoops of fine drip grind coffee into the chamber. (I used Hazelnut infused facial grind coffee.)Pour water that is hot gradually into the chamber up to the number two mark.Stir the water as well as coffee with the paddle for aproximatelly ten seconds.

Damp the rubber seal as well as insert the plunger into the chamber while gently pressing down about a quarter of an inch. Sustain that strain until the plunger stops shifting (touches the grounds). (I wet the plunger with tap water).

I then filled the cup the majority of the manner in which with water and finished it all with sugar and cream as I usually do.

The presentation:

It looked like some other cup of coffee, as it has to. I was thrilled to not see some grounds floating.


As I used Hazelnut coffee there was of course the aroma of hazelnuts though it was fuller, as in case I’d used fresh hazelnuts. The unique coffee aroma was there also. I’ve to admit I anticipated it to have that “warm water” scent though it did not and I was rather pleased at that time.


I frankly expected the flavor to resemble that of water diluted coffee perhaps combined with the crunch of grounds as well as my sugar and cream.

Though I’ve to say, there was flavor that is total accentuated by the pleasing aroma. It absolutely was a comprehensive embodied cup of coffee. Generally there was no clear plastic taste, no grounds lingering and best of all the only took about a second to make as soon as the water was sexy enough.

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