EBT Cards, Abuse, Fish, and Food Stamps Program Theory

Point out the problem of food stamps in combined political business and you’re certain to gain brand new friends as well as influence folks, or maybe end up at odds with people you formerly considered close friends or perhaps smart people. The political divide on this particular subject is as day and night, including Romney or Obama, or even like atheist & Catholic. Let us only say; diametrically opposed for these days. Nevertheless, let us grow the chat in case we may, let us dig deeper.

The Los Angeles Times on May twenty four, 2013 had a accept ebt article “The Case for Food Stamps,” by Christopher D. Cook, which asserted “slashing food aid makes no sense in humanitarian, economic or perhaps wellness terms.”

However then, I find that declaration laughable. But let us take every one of those problems on separately;

  1. Humanitarian
  2. Economic
  3. Health Terms

Humanitarian – Last time I checked human beings were a really evolved species capable of preparation, reasoning, thinking and able to deal with themselves. It’s neither smart or noble to create a competent species sensitive. We have to instruct individuals to fish, not provide them with fish. And speaking of fish, not very long ago I was in Hawaii and there was an indication at a restaurant which said “Drive Through Sushi – EBT Cards Accepted” so when I noticed I believed “ouch” there I was in a village as beach city where local Hawaiians lived, natives.

Off on the beach had been a number of row boats parked in water that is shallow. These people have been living on the Hawaiian Islands for 1,000s of years for those we know, they have been living off fish and coconuts. So why do they require free fish now? And so why do they require a drive through to choose them up, is not that the epitome of laziness, and we’re doing that to them – there’s no humanitarian honor in this.

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