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Great Clips coupons make getting a haircut or other service even more straightforward. Be sure to check with your local Great Clips salon before applying any coupon code you find online. Great Clips is not a chain. However, many locations are independently owned franchises. Some areas may not offer discounts on haircuts or other services. They might also be running promotions of their own.

Great Clips confirmed my suspicions when I reached out to their media team to inquire if they had any national coupons, discounts, or promotions. I am a big-hair site, and brands often offer me special discounts. They said they did not have any special offers for me. Instead, my readers should Great Clips Coupons contact the local locations to learn about special pricing and discounts.

Although some sites claim to have Great Clips coupons codes or promotions, they do not apply to your local store. We found some ways to save big without using coupons. It’s hard to resist saving money. A haircut at a Great Clips salon will cost you between $13 to $16 ($11 to $14 for seniors or children). Here is a list of the average Great Clips price.

These are fabulous prices, but they are still lower than many salons. Great Clips offers coupons that allow you to save even more. Great Clips coupons are released on a consistent and predictable basis. Amazing deals will be sent via email, printed mailers, or social media. The big haircut sale occurs twice a year. (Read more in the next section). Enter the Great Clips sweepstakes to get coupons!

Great Clips offers coupons to save you up to $5 on a regular haircut. Over the years, we’ve seen tons of $1, $2, $3, and $5 coupons for haircuts at these salons. These coupons are great because they can be used for any haircut, whether an adult, senior, or child.

A coupon like this could help bring down the cost to $8, as the average Great Clips adult haircut costs just $13-$16. A $5 coupon could save you $6 on a haircut for a senior or child (usually $11-$14). To check if Great Clips has a coupon available, click the link above. Coupons from Great Clips have an expiration date. To get the latest information about these coupons, you must be signed up for a Great Clips account.

Great Clips may offer coupons such as these when you enter their sweepstakes. Great Clips sweepstakes can be entered to win vacations, tickets for sporting events, meet and greets with celebrities, and many other prizes. To get a coupon for a dollar, enter any Great Clips sweepstakes. You can sign up for a Great Clips account via their website to get digital coupons. You may also start receiving mailers from Great Clips containing exclusive coupons once you have created an account.

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