How to Provide Best Customer Support to Website Visitors  


For small and medium level businesses, website is the face of business and almost all the dealings are done on website from Product search, production details, price, payment and customer support. You have to have active and pro active customer support for your website visitors because without pro active support you may lose lots of customers.   customer support and messaging software    Website is like a shop and imagine customers are coming at your shop and there is no one to attend them.

There are three types of website support you can provide to your customers. Email Support, Phone support and Live Chat. Below are few of the advantages and dis advantages of these methods.

Email Support

For this type of support you can put your company email address at your website at location that is most visible to customers. Customers may email you if they have any questions. In this method of support you do not have any control on customer behaviour. If customer feels like contacting you, they may email you but you cannot force customer to contact you and send you email. So the biggest disadvantage in this method is that you do not have any control over customer behaviour.

Phone Support

For this type of support, you may put your phone number in big size at the top of of your website which is most visible to customer. Phone support is a good way of support because this way customer can instantly get access to support team. But for this sort of support you have to have enough reps those can attend at least 10 calls at a time so its expensive. Also there is another disadvantage in this sort of support is that you do not have control over customer, if customer feels like, they will call you otherwise not. So no pro-active support.

Live Chat

Live Chat is the best support method available these days. Live chat is easily reachable and clients can easily contact you by clicking on live chat. You can track all the activity of customer and can pro-actively contact clients too. So live chat is the best support method available. Its very cheap to implement as well, there are lots of websites those are offering very good prices for this support system. You just need to have 2 to 3 reps those can support lots of your customers. Also there are every kind of statics available for you to check and make important decisions about your business.


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