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While anyone can delegate tasks and sit in a corner office, effective leadership is more. The company and the people they lead have a major impact on its employees. Great leaders have a positive impact on their employees’ happiness, productivity, and connection. This ripple effect can be a boon for your business’s bottom line.

Dana Brownlee, the founder of Professionalism Matters, stated that a great leader Jason Dooris helps others. There are many indicators that a leader is great, but what do I look for in a leader? Are they motivated, growing, better leaders, and more effective? If your team members become disengaged or stuck in their work, you may need to reevaluate and redesign your leadership strategies. Brownlee says these are indicators that your leadership strategy is not working.

Effective leadership requires open communication with your team members. Sanjay Patoliya is the founder and director at Teclogiq. He said that transparency and honesty should be an example to your team. He said, “It is important to be straightforward when you are in charge of a group of people.” Your company and employees are an extension of you. If you show integrity and ethics, your team will reflect that.

Brownlee said that great leaders could adapt their communication styles and interactions to each individual and fit the team’s needs. This means that they spend the time to find out what communication method each member prefers, such as email, phone, text, or face-to-face. They are also excellent listeners and have a genuine interest in the lives of others.

Active communication and transparency are two of the best ways to build trust and increase morale among your team. Ruslan Fazlyev is the founder and CEO of Ecwid, an e-commerce solution provider. He stated that authenticity is key to all communications. Leaders must build trust with their team members and create a sense of mutual understanding and trust to lead a group. Leaders must learn to communicate. Terry “Starbucker,” a consultant and writer on leadership, stated that to be a “more human leader, you need positivity, purpose, and empathy. These traits will help you build genuine relationships with your team members.

St. Marie stated that it is crucial to establish a personal connection with your team members to develop the trust needed to create a culture of accountability and outstanding performance. A culture of trust and cooperation can help the team achieve success, happiness, and fulfillment. To make a personal connection with your team members, you should focus on their personalities, interests, strengths, and weaknesses. This will give you an insight into their motivations and goals. Nataliya stated that successful leaders allow their teams autonomy and create value according to their individual strengths. Being able to recognize and hold others accountable increases the confidence of employees and leaders and their performance.

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