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It doesn’t need to be hard to find the right gift. Each year we look on the internet, in magazines, and talk to our friends and families to find the best gift ideas. We have holiday gift ideas as well as birthday gift ideas. The gift lists have been divided by gender, but we don’t feel restricted by this. Many great ideas for gifts for girls can also be found on the boy’s gift lists. Mothers are unique and deserve our appreciation. Mother’s Day falls on May 9th, so don’t forget to shower your mom with affection and even a gift. Even though a Rimowa suitcase or Jo Malone incense won’t express your appreciation and love fully, you can give them washable silk pajamas to relax in.

You’ll love today’s Canva training if you have ever wanted to create gift guides for your blog, social networks, or email lists. This training will show you how to make your own Canva gift guides. Gift guides can save you and your friends a lot of time by saving them the trouble of searching through Google for the best gift ideas. Although they are most popular in the holidays, you can also use them year-round to increase traffic and value your website. It can show off your favorite online biz babes, highlight affiliate products, or share the products that you use daily in your business and life. The best thing about gift guides? They are easy to create. They require very little copy, some honest product recommendations, and beautiful images.

The training below will demonstrate how easy it is to create gift guides for your blog. In no time, I will be sharing simple and practical tips to help you create bestselling gift guides in Canva. It would help if you were very specific about who you are making your gift list. Your gift guide should be viewed by the person looking at it. They should say to themselves, “OMG, this is perfect! My mom/best friend/biz babe friend!”

This guide is not only for entrepreneurs. Perhaps it’s for entrepreneurs working remotely or those who own a creative company. You might be sharing stocking stuffers or gift ideas below $50. It could be all about Black Friday deals by service-based companies or a collection that gives back to causes you care about. The gift guide doesn’t need to have a lot more copies. Even the blog post will not require much content. This allows you to use extra brain space to make your guide fun and personal.

You can grab attention using memes or pop culture — “Gift Guide for Downton Abbey Obsessed” or “Ideas cookbooks and trinkets that the Fab Five would approve of” are just a few examples. This space can be used to list the problems your gift guides are going to solve. High-resolution, clear photos are essential to show your readers the product in its entirety. You should also include images that demonstrate how the reader or the person you are shopping for will use the product.

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