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Starting around age 40, the lenses of your eyes start becoming cloudy, a condition known as cataracts. In many people, cataracts eventually become so dense that their vision becomes blurry or distorted. By age 80, more than half of Americans will have developed a cataract or had cataract surgery.This surgery — a quick, safe procedure that involves replacing the clouded lens with a clear plastic one — offers a very effective cure. But unless your eye doctor advises otherwise, you may not need to have surgery right away ניתוח קטרקט.

“Most cataracts progress very slowly and can be safely observed until you feel you need better vision — for example, if you have difficulty reading or seeing street signs,” says Dr. Laura Fine, a cataract specialist and clinical instructor in ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School. One of the most common early symptoms of cataracts is poor night vision, especially in the rain or when driving. People often complain of seeing glare or starbursts from headlights when driving at night, she adds.

Micro-incisional cataract surgery generally takes less than 10 minutes if performed by a qualified and experienced eye specialist and cataract surgeon. At MCES, we have cataract surgeons who are trained to deliver quality results and a pleasant and relaxing experience for the patients.We will not only take care of your cataract but will also take a holistic approach to the health of your eye and any ongoing care that is required. Following the surgery, most people have little to no pain and experience good vision almost immediately.To ensure that your eye recovers properly following the surgery, there are a few things to consider. Here are our top five tips to minimise cataract surgery recovery time.

As we age, our natural eye lenses lose some clarity and become cloudy. Doctors consider options, like laser cataract surgery, when the quality of our vision begins to suffer. If you have been diagnosed with cataracts in River Forest or Gurnee, IL, it helps to understand how to prepare for cataract surgery. Read below or contact the professionals at Kirk Eye Center to learn about our cataract surgery tips and more.The first step to prepare for cataract surgery is scheduling a comprehensive evaluation with an eye doctor you trust. During this appointment, Kirk Eye Center can assess your vision and medical history. If cataracts make it impossible to perform daily activities, like driving and reading, laser surgery is usually recommended.

So you’ve booked your cataract surgery appointment, and you’re wondering how to make the recovery go by faster. You have a busy life, things to do and places to see!There are many things you can do to make sure you recover well from your eye surgery. The 6 core ways to prevent complications and reduce healing time from your cataract surgery are as follows:Lifting heavy objects causes the pressure inside your eyes to increase. This can make healing very difficult and can actually damage the cataract surgery site. Try to not be too active too soon after your cataract surgery.


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