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The trees are the heroes of our world. Trees are superheroes on our planet. They fight environmental changes, cool us, conserve water, and much more. Here are some helpful tips to keep your trees happy and healthy for years to come. This is how you can show trees affection at home tree service Austin TX through mulching, watering, and pruning. The trick to mulching your tree correctly is not to overdo it. Maintain a 3-inch space between your mulch and the tree’s base. Avoid large hills. Think of a thin layer of mulch, 2-4 inches instead of a thicker cushion. If you have just planted a young tree, it is best to mulch the roots immediately. It will help protect the tree’s roots and keep them moist. It is especially important in Texas’s hot summers and extended dry seasons.

Mulch beds also prevent yard mowers from compacting dirt around trees. The dirt is gathered to prevent air and water from moving freely and reaching the tree roots. Many people know that water is necessary for trees to thrive, but they don’t understand the exact amount or frequency. It depends on the climate and species of tree. Trees that are young and newly established require more water. Water the entire tree, if possible to a depth of at least 10 inches. Over-watering is the most common mistake made when watering trees. The balance between allowing the soil to evaporate while keeping the ground wet is crucial.

It is important to be consistent! Watering at unpredictable times can put pressure on the tree and allow it to be more susceptible to illness or invasion. You can keep the tree well-hydrated if you mulch it properly. The first step to properly pruning a branch is safety! Wearing protective gear such as gloves and eyewear can keep you safe from objects that are sharp or trash. Make sure the job is not too big. If you need to use a step stool to reach the branches or move around, it’s best to hire a professional.

Try to clean your pruners and sharpen them before you start. Dirty tools can spread microorganisms inside plants and trees. Knowing the tree is also important. What direction are they heading? What would happen if they were removed? Have I got the correct gear? The branch collar is the area that’s puffed up between the tree and the branch.

Cut just beyond the collar of a thin branch, without going into it. Cut at 45- 60-degree angles. Cut the thicker branches at a 45-60 degree angle. Drop down two inches and cut the top of the branch. Let it fall to the ground. The finished product can be made just beyond the collar of the branch.

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