Parents’ Ultimate Guide to Discord

“As I was coming to terms with the identity of mine, I was searching for a room in which I could connect, chat, and play games along with other LGBTQ+ other people. I could not quite discover a town just where I experienced I fit.”

Brandon, the initial proprietor of the discord bot server, came up with an easy but effective solution to this particular conundrum: beginning a brand new server. After nearly five years and almost 10,000 members further along, we say it worked out really well.

The Gaymers group plans to hold celebratory giveaways, movie nights, and also managing a living drag show inside the server of theirs.

Gaymers will additionally be opening a #moment-of-pride channel, sharing posts about moments that are crucial from LGBTQ+ history. Share the own stories of yours of when you have felt empowered, provided, or perhaps prideful within yourself or perhaps as part of the town.

 Initially launched in 2016, Gayorzea is actually a community for Final Fantasy XIV’s LGBTQ players. “It is actually an inviting & hospitable safe room for LGBTQ gamers & allies. We offer a means by which players are able to connect with, reach out to and play with similar individuals,” describes Discord Partner Lethys.

“As we are largely targeted at a certain player base, we’re in a position to nurture relationships as well as support pocket communities like guilds, artists, streamers, and some by offering them visibility to a market which is a lot more apt to share the interests of theirs.

We think that lots of internet gaming locations may be dominated by cisgender males and so it is also good for LGBTQ females, queer and transgender people to have a private room to reach out to one another and hang out.”

For Pride, Gayorzea runs one of FFXIV’s biggest gatherings for LGBTQ gamers. “We hang out, we chat, we can make our characters look FABULOUS, and have a laugh, we march a bit and take screenshots for memories!” If you are seeking to recreate a parade while stuck inside, perhaps it is some time to hop into FFXIV.

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