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Menorrhagia refers to the medical term used to describe menstrual cycles with excessively prolonged or heavy bleeding. While menstrual bleeding that is heavy is not uncommon however, the majority of women do not suffer from blood loss that is severe enough to qualify as menorrhagia.With the condition, you are unable to keep up with your normal routine during your period since you experience lots of blood loss and cramping.

If you are dreading your period due to the most intense menstrual bleedings, speak to your physician. There are many solutions for menorrhagia.If you experience heavy menstrual bleeding each month, one the most important things to look out for is an iron deficiency. One of the main causes of iron deficiency are the prolonged or heavy period 經血過多致頭暈及貧血. This could cause you to feel exhausted and depleted of energy. In certain cases this could result in anaemia.

The quantity of blood that is lost during a period differs greatly among women. This makes it hard to provide a comprehensive description of heavy menstrual cycles. It is important to note that the amount that is lost will also differ during different periods of your life, especially those who have undergone surgery or are taking medication.However the majority of women are aware of the amount of bleeding that is normal during their period and determine when it changes.

The decision to treat you is based on the source of the bleeding. If the reason for your excessive bleeding is identified like an fibroid, it will be treated.However it is not always the case that a cause for heavy menstrual flow is discovered. In these instances heavy periods can be controlled with medications or surgery in order to reduce the quantity of bleeding. Some treatments may stop your periods completely and others may affect your fertility.Considerations for treatment include your age, general health, whether you require contraception or want to have children. Some treatments continue while other treatments are performed one-time.

Anaemia is when you have an increased level of hemoglobin within your red blood cells (RBCs). Hemoglobin is the protein in your RBCs that’s responsible for carrying oxygen to your tissues.Iron-deficiency anemia is the most common type of anemia. It is a sign that your body isn’t able to produce adequate iron levels, and it must produce to make haemoglobin. If there’s not sufficient iron present in the blood then the rest of your body won’t receive the oxygen it needs.

While this condition is prevalent, many aren’t aware of the existence of iron deficiency anemia. It is possible to suffer from symptoms for a long time without knowing the cause.In women who are pregnant the most common cause of iron deficiency anemiaTrusted Source is the loss of iron in bloodstream due to heavy menstrual cycles or pregnancy. A diet that is not balanced or certain intestinal conditions which affect the body’s ability to absorbs iron, may also result in iron deficiency anemia.In the following article we will take an in-depth look at the symptoms and causes of iron deficiency and ways to treat the problem.

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