What Is a Sales Page and Why Do You Need One?

What is a Sales Page?

As a website owner myself I once believed that having a website in which to direct prospects to my home page was sufficient to generate online sales. I learned from another website owner salepage and friend of mine Kevin Stacey that in order to maximize opt-in lead capture and sales that I would need to create sales pages. A sales page is something that almost every website owner needs at one time or another and are sometimes referred to as landing pages.

These kinds of pages are used for anything from selling actual products to getting people to sign up for a newsletter. As the name suggests, they are designed to accomplish this task in a more efficient manner than the website homepage by cutting down on the distractions. Think of them as a team of sales people who specialize in selling one individual product, but you don’t have to share a cut of your profits with them. There are a number of things a good sales page will do for you including but not limited to:


An effective sales page does a good job at introducing your product, offer, or program for you. It explains all the highlights and benefits without going to much in detail about the products or services to cause information overload. Instead it talks more about why the things you have to offer should not be passed up.

Personal Accounts

They also provide personal testimonies from others that have had experience with the product or service that you have to offer. These personal accounts are a very important aspect of your sales letter because it lets people know that what you have to offer has been tried and proven by other people just like them.

A Guarantee

While not all pages you come across offer some kind of a guarantee, it is no secret that backing the things you are selling is a great way to build consumer confidence and in turn make more sales. If consumers know they can get their money back if they are not satisfied, there is a bigger chance that they’ll pull their credit card out for you.

A Call to Action

Every single effective sales page has a strong call to action throughout the entire pitch, no matter how long that letter might be. It is important to start telling people to buy within the first few paragraphs, and to follow up on this message throughout the end with a strong emphasis on that call to action as the closing.


To summarize, a sales page is a single targeted page on a website or blog that is designed around the visitors specific needs in order to generate a lead capture or sale. This is just the tip of the iceberg and while it may give you an idea of the important components you will find in an effective sale page, you really need more in-depth information before attempting to create one or to hire someone else to create one for you. To really delve into the facts and the important specifics of creating a sales page, it is always a good idea to do some research and to get some solid advice from experts in the industry.


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