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Notes can be taken while you read. Write down all the legal facts and details, as well as the reasons for the court’s decision. This is called “briefing” cases. Your case briefs should only be that: brief. Before class, review your case briefs (readers notes) before you go. This will ensure that the cases are fresh in your mind and will greatly increase your ability to participate in the class discussion.

Professors will cover material in class that isn’t covered in the reading. If you miss class, you will be at a disadvantage on the final exam. If you miss more that 20% of a course, you’ll be given an “FW”. This will be added to your grade point average and a “F” is not removed from your academic car accident lawyer record even if you take the course again. Misguided students may use class time to surf the Internet, play online games, or check their e-mail. Tuition is expensive. Are you willing to “surf the net” with your tuition money, or play computer solitaire rather than paying attention in class?

However, don’t get so involved in trying to find the truth of everything your professor says that it becomes distracting from your participation in class discussions. Before you start your next reading assignment, review your class notes and examine how the new cases affect those you have already read in class.

Not acceptable substitutes for your own outline are outlines prepared by senior students or those drawn from commercial sources. An analysis is necessary to create a course outline. This allows you to determine the applicable rules of law to the course subject and how they relate to each other. You are less likely than others to be able to grasp the subject matter if you don’t go through this process. Not all professors will teach the subject in the same way. Many professors don’t teach the same course from year to year.

You can only make your own outline to create a course outline. Don’t wait for the reading period to start preparing your outline. You won’t be able to complete them in time. Some students prefer to outline once a week while others like to do it once a month. Others prefer to outline when a topic has been completed. You can pick the schedule that works for you, and then stick with it.

Study groups are a great learning tool. Study groups can help you to better understand and retain course material. Your peers can also offer helpful tips and advice. You can also form a study club with other students who are similarly prepared for class and have the same academic goals. Don’t let study group meetings turn into gossip or social gatherings. Study groups should not be used to share the workload. If you feel that you are not getting the benefit of your study group, you can resign.

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